The safe and effective progression of all divers is extremely important to us. Our philosophy is the proper implementation of competency-based training and skill through that training. Unfortunately, there are instructors that will pass you no matter if you are truly prepared and ready for the kind of dives the certification rates you for. Here we do not focus so much on pass or fail. Our approach is, are you ready to conduct this diving on your own or do you need more refining of your skills? For us, the certification cards are earned because of the demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience that are tested in the course, and the competency gained. Also, skipping core courses is simply a disservice to you. 

Many instructors feel that foundational training, such as Intro to Technical Diving or Foundations, is not necessary. They would rather someone to spend more money and go directly into a Combined Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures course in order to obtain higher certification numbers.  Why would this be true and how is this the reality?  Because at the professional level, Intro to Tech doesn’t grow your professional technical career; only higher levels do. 

Our students’ development into competent divers is critical and we demand that in our approach.  We focus on competency-based training to ensure the skills you acquire build the proper confidence with respect to all physical and mental aspects of diving.  Prior to starting any advanced-level training, we require a skills evaluation to determine your current core competency and experience; collecting cards doesn’t count.

For us, we will not accept a student that does not take the foundational courses of our technical programs. This includes the Intro to Tech or SDI/TDI Foundations PRIOR to taking Advanced Nitrox (130fsw) and Decompression Procedures (150fsw). Students who are crossing over from a DIR agency will be evaluated on a case-by-case situation.

Our schedule fills up quickly, so we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your space for a course. If you need to cancel, we will issue 25% course credit to be used at a later date within 12 months of the scheduled class. For example, If you paid a $500 deposit and then cancelled, you would get a credit of $250 to apply to a class at a later date.

All courses require a COMPLETE MEDICAL form to be filled out PRIOR to the first day of class. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel training if our staff deems there may be a safety risk to you, or us. Please contact us directly to discuss, if necessary. You must complete the Student Learning Agreement and agree to all terms of understanding. We will be happy to go over any questions you have. 



$300 / PER DAY

$350/ PER DAY for Private




$300 / PER DAY

$350/ PER DAY for Private


$350 / DAY

$400/ PER DAY for Private

Courses: Recreational    Recreational: $300 Courses: Technical   
Required: Mask, Snorkel, Dive Computer, Fins and Dive Booties.    Required: A dedicated sidemount system Required: Sound Judgement and Buoyancy 
Included:  BCD, Regulators, Cylinders Included: Sidemount Specific Rig, Cylinders  Included: We do have Doubles and Sidemount options 

SDI/TDI/ERDI E-learning codes and agency registration (C-Card): Student Rate is $100

SDI/TDI/ERDI agency registration with certification card $35        

Not Included in Price: Lodging, Personal Items, Boat Fees, Academic Course Materials, Dry Suit Rentals, Nitrox or Special Gas Blends, Mask, Snorkels, Fins, and poor training


Included: Academics, Agency Fees, Breathing Gas, Gear for Class.

Student will still need to own *properly fitting dive quality personal Mask/Snorkel/Dive Boots*

OWSD Tuition: Private (1 student) $1,500, Semi-Private (2-3 students) $1,000, Group (4 to 6 students) $850.  All non Private courses will have a qualified assistant in class

Open Water SCUBA Diver with SDI Computer Nitrox: 5 days

(1 day theory/rigging, 2 days Pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives minimum)


Course options:

  • SDI Recreational Foundations:                                    4 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 3 days open water check out, 6 dives)
  • SDI Sidemount:                                                                3 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Sidemount Foundations:                                                4 days (2 days theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Rigging Workshop:                                                          BPW, back-mount doubles, sidemount, deco-bottles and stages, fees vary
  • TDI Nitrox:                                                                         1 day (1 day theory)
  • Intro to Technical Diving:                                               3 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Intro to Technical Diving/TDI Nitrox Combined:      4 days (1 day theory/rigging/, 1 day pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • TDI Sidemount:                                                                  3 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Advanced Nitrox:                                                               3 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Decompression Procedures:                                            3 days (1 day theory/rigging/pool, 2 days open water check out, 4 dives)
  • Advanced Nitrox/Decompression Proc. Combined:  5 days (1 day theory, 1 day pool/rigging, 3 days open water check out, 6 dives)
  • SDI/ERDI Full Face Mask:                                              2 days (1 day class/pool session and 1 day open water check out, 2 dives)
  • SDI/ERDI Dry Suit Diver:                                               2 days (1 day class/pool session and 1 day open water check out, 2 dives)
  • VIP/O2 Cylinder Service Technician/ Fill station Operator:      1.5 days (classroom) $475

Some of the Additional courses that can be scheduled

  1. Equipment Specialist
  2. Deep Six Equipment Service Clinic
  3. O2 Cylinder Service Technician
  4. O2 Equipment Service Technician
  5. Fill Station Operator
  6. Nitrox Gas Blender
  7. Advanced Gas Blender
  8. Gas Management Planning
  9. Finning Techniques
  10. Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
  11. Marine Eco-Systems Awareness Instructor
  12. Search and Recovery Diving Instructor
  13. Night-Limited Visibility Diving Instructor
  14. Deep Diving Instructor
  15. Dry Suit Diving Instructor
  16. Computer Nitrox Instructor
  17. Wreck Instructor
  18. Wreck Instructor W/limited Penetration
  19. Rescue Diver
  20. Master Diver Development Program
  21. Solo Diving Instructor
  22. Boat Diving Instructor
  23. Equipment Specialist Instructor
  24. Altitude Diver Instructor
  25. Air Fill Station Technician Instructor
  26. SDI Recreational Foundations Instructor
  27. Quarry Diver Instructor
  28. Cold Water Diver Instructor
  29. U/W Hunter and Collecting Instructor
  30. River Diver Instructor
  31. Underwater Navigation Diving Instructor
  32. Side Scan Sonar Instructor
  33. Oxygen Administration Instructor
  34. Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor