Personalized Dive Training

Courses Instructor Fees Minimum Dives Minimum Days
Scuba Diver* $400 2 2
Open Water* $750 5 4
SDI Computer Nitrox X X 1
 Adventure Diver Program X 5 2
Advanced Diver Development Program Min 25 logged Dives, 4 Specialties
Rescue Diver* $275 * 2
Rescue Ref.* $175 * 2
Night-Limited Visibility Diver X 2 1
Dry Suit Diver* X 3 1
Scuba Foundations Workshop X 4 2
Wreck Diver No Penetration X 3 1
Search & Recovery Diver X 4 2
BLS/AHA/CPR $60 4hrs 1
CPROX1st AED $60 4hrs 1
Dive Master $995 40 HRS *
Assistant Instructor $995 80 HRS *
Technical and Advanced Level Training
***Deep Diver*** X 4 2
Wreck Diver W/ Limited Penetration
X 4 2
***Sidemount Diver*** X 6 3
Solo Diver X 4 2
Technical Sidemount X 6 3
TDI Nitrox Diver X X 1
Intro to Tech X 4 2
TRAINING PER SESSION/DAY $200 for Recreational, $225 for Technical, $250 for PRO Development

     Included: Equipment, Cylinders, Air Fills, Certification Fees

     Not Included: Personal Items, Boat Fees, Course Materials, Dry Suit Rentals, Special Gas Blends 

Recreational Diver Training (SDI)

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Open Water Scuba Diver Advanced Buoyancy Diver Advanced Scuba Diver Drift Diver
Altitude Diver Boat Diver Computer Diver Computer Nitrox Diver
CPROX1st AED Administrator Deep Diver Dry Suit Diver Equipment Specialist
Future Buddies Program Inactive Diver/Refresher  Junior Advanced Adventure  Junior Advanced Scuba Diver
Junior Rescue Diver Marine EcoSystems Awareness Master Scuba Diver Night-Limited Visibility Diver
Rescue Diver Scuba Discovery SDI Full Face Mask Diver SDI Sidemount Diver
VIP Inspector Air Fill Station Operator Underwater Navigation Diver Underwater Photography Diver
Scubility Scuba Discovery Scubility Advanced Diver Scubility Open Water Diver Scubility Dive Buddy
Shore/Beach Diver Scubility Surface Buddy Solo Diver Scuba Fundamentals Workshop

Technical Diver Training (TDI)

Intro To Tech Advanced Nitrox Diver Decompression Procedures Diver Nitrox Diver
TDI Sidemount Diver Cavern Discovery Cavern Diver Intro to Cave Diver

Public Safety Diver Training (ERDI)

Auto Sub-Surface Extrication Search and Recovery ERD Cold Water Diving OPS ERD Confined Space Ops
ERD Drysuit Ops ERD Full Face Mask ERD Hull Searching OPS
Emergency Response Diver ERD Non-Diving Specialty ERD Small Boat Ops
ERD Supervisor ERD Supervisor ERD Surface Ice Rescue Technician
ERD Surface Supplied Diving OPS Level I ERD Surface Supplied Diving OPS Level II ERD Surface Supply Ops
ERD Swift Water 1 ERD Swift Water 2 ERD Tender
ERDI Confined Space Still Water Surface Rescue ERDI HAZWOPER Technician